Love and Loss

(Second service starts at 11:15am) On this Memorial Day, we will honor those we have lost over the years from our QUUF community, and remember how very close loss and love are to one another. “Grief and gratitude are kindred souls, each pointing to the beauty of what is transient.”

Music: The QUUF choir, directed by Marj Iuro; Ikue Goldstein, piano:
…Offertory – “The Lonely Sea” words by John Parker, music by Vicki Tucker Courtney, directed by Rob Wamstad (auction item).
…Special Music – “Rain Come Down” words and music by Shawn Kirchner.

Bridging Service

(Second service starts at 11:15) Religious communities are traditionally places we celebrate transitions in life. In our culture, graduation from high school is one such transition. Unitarian Universalists honor our seniors with a Bridging Ceremony. They are crossing the bridge to young adulthood. Through ritual, song and words, we honor this transition in life. This year we have four young people – Jack Kingsley, Sam Meier, Maddy Solly-Tanner, Kaya Wiant – participating in our Bridging Service. At both services, they will each speak to us about who they are at this time in their lives.

Music: Evan Millman, piano, plus music by Bridgers.


I’m Glad You Asked That Question…

(Second service starts at 11:15am) For the final service of the programmatic year, Revs. Florence Caplow and Bruce Bode invite you to email them any questions you may have – either for Florence, Bruce, or both. During the sermon portion of the service, they will read your question (without name) and give a brief response. Questions can be theological, philosophical, practical, personal, organizationally-related, whatever.

Please send your questions to:, by letter to Bruce at QUUF, or drop them off at the office.

Music: The choir, conducted by Marj Iuro and accompanied by Ikue Goldstein, sings “Beachcombers”, words by Laura Feldman and Amy F. Bernon, music by Amy F. Bernon; and “Blessing”, an Irish poem set to music by Kayie Moran Bart.

Not Fare Well, but Fare Forward, Voyagers

(Second service starts at 11:15am) This is Rev. Caplow’s last sermon as one of our ministers. The title is taken from The Four Quartets, T.S. Eliot’s book-length poem (a favorite of hers). In this service she will attempt to express the depth of her appreciation for QUUF and her time here, and she will share her hopes and blessings for our future. There will be two services, with time to say goodbye to Rev. Caplow after each service. Her last day with us will be June 30th.

Music:  Pat Rodgers, piano

Navigating Hard Times with Self-Compassion

(Single Service)

About Cynthia Osterman: Cynthia is a lover of words, people and places. Her happiest moments are spent with son Holden, dog Ivy and too many wonderful friends to name individually. Her spiritual path is Buddhism and her professional path is journalism. She has had assignments in Chicago, Washington, D.C., London, Amsterdam, Paris and Vancouver as well as stint as a humanitarian relief volunteer in East Africa. She has worked from home as an editor since moving to Port Townsend in 2000.

Music: Pat Rodgers